ChatGPT rival Claude is now on mobile

Anthropic’s family of AI models–Claude 3–is now available on an iOS app

Martin Crowley
May 2, 2024

Anthropic’s AI model Claude, which rivals OpenAI’s GPT model, is now available to all Claude users (on any plan) via a free iOS mobile app. This means that users can access any of the three Claude models (Claude Opus, which is the largest model, Claude Sonnet, which is mid-sized, and Claude Haiku, which is its smallest) anytime, anywhere.

What can the Claude iOS app do?  

The new Claude iOS app acts as a chatbot and syncs users' conversations across mobile and desktop. Users can also upload photos straight into the app, from their phone, which it then understands, analyzes, and contextualizes, in real-time.

Why has Anthropic launched a mobile app?

Previously, Claude was only available through Anthropic’s website and third-party model libraries like Amazon Bedrock, Hugging Face, or Microsoft Azure. But Anthropic found that many users were accessing the models from their mobiles, this inspired the development of the app for iOS (with an Android version in the pipeline).  

Plus, Anthropic's main competitors already have apps for their AI models. For instance, ChatGPT is available on mobile (and has been for years). Google’s Gemini can be accessed in the Google app for iPhone users, and its own app for Android, and even the AI search platform, Perplexity, has a mobile app, so some would say it’s about time Claude came to mobile.