Asana's revolutionary AI teammate

Asana has announced a new AI tool to improve productivity

Martin Crowley
June 6, 2024

Asana has announced it's beta testing a new AI tool, called “AI teammates”, which is designed to maximize productivity within the workplace.

What can AI teammates do?

Asana already uses AI to help employees see what tasks need to be done and who is responsible for what, but this new tool takes this a step further.

When work comes in, AI teammates uses stored information (from Asana Work Graph) about past projects and relationships between different teams, to determine what needs to be done next, automatically assign tasks to employees with the best skills, and reach out to the right people to find any missing information.

“We’re able to do this better than anyone else because we built Asana on the Work Graph, which maps the relationship between the work your team does, the information about that work, and the people doing the work.” – Asana co-founder and CEO Dustin Moskovitz

A marketing organization, taking part in the beta test, says it's using AI teammates to create tailored content, translate assets into different languages, and standardize workflows.

The potential pitfalls

It’s a well-known fact that AI bots can often misunderstand context, resulting in misinformation and hallucinations. So while this new tool aims to improve productivity, it will still require human intervention: Something that Asana themselves, recognize. They’re actively encouraging organizations to keep “humans in the loop” as “ultimately, humans are responsible for decisions and they’re accountable for results” so they need to continuously check that the bot is acting according to company values and ways of working.