Siri's AI delay

Apple's headline’ AI Siri updates won’t now launch until next year

Martin Crowley
July 8, 2024

Last week, rumors were circulating that Apple would launch its Apple Inteliigience-powered features this year, in the fall, alongside the release of iOS18 and the iPhone 16 series.

However, reports now say that the bigger, more advanced AI Siri features are likely to go into developer beta testing in January, and won’t launch to the public until next Spring.

The delayed ‘headline’ Siri features include the ability for Siri to control and take action within Apps, read and react to what’s on screen, and complete more complex tasks, such as editing photos and sending them to contacts.

However, the ChatGPT integration and the new interface, which sees Siri’s old, circle graphic replaced with a pulsating rainbow around the edge of the screen, and deeper product knowledge are still expected to land this year, with the ioS18 and iPhone 16 series release.

Reports also say that Apple plans to integrate Apple Intelligence into the Vision Pro headset, AirPods, and also an AI-powered Apple robot.