Microsoft and Estee Lauder changing the face of beauty with AI

Microsoft and Estee Lauder have built an AI Innovation Lab to develop AI systems for Estee Lauder beauty brands

Martin Crowley
April 29, 2024

Microsoft has partnered with Estee Lauder to build an AI Innovation Lab–leveraged by Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service–that will develop solutions to help Estee Lauder create closer consumer connections, increase speed to market, and establish which items are most suitable for local markets.

Microsoft's AI tools will also help research and development teams develop products faster so Estee Lauder can respond to emerging product and ingredient trends quickly:

“With Microsoft’s GenAI tools and extensive expertise, we can leverage [Estee Lauder]’s tremendous data to create more personalized consumer experiences and faster insights to action resulting in increased speed to market and stronger local relevancy.”

The partnership, which was first established in 2017, has already built a voice-enabled makeup assistant app (that was launched in 2023) that helps blind people access beauty in new ways.

Plus, they’ve also built an internal marketing chatbot that uses advanced conversational AI tech to monitor global beauty trends and navigate the company’s product and claim database which will allow its beauty brands–such as MAC and Clinique–to launch more personalized, local advertising campaigns quicker.