Meta splits: layoffs ahead

Meta is splitting its research and business unit into two, resulting in layoffs

Martin Crowley
June 19, 2024

Meta is restructuring its research and business unit–Reality Labs–into two teams: Wearables and Metaverse, which will leave a small number of leadership positions redundant, as a result.

What will the restructure mean?

The Metaverse team will primarily work on the Oculus and Quest VR headset lines, Horizon (an online VR game with an integrated game creation system), and associated technologies, while the Wearables team, will pick up the remaining hardware projects, such as the smart glasses collaboration with Ray-Ban.

Why has Meta done this?

The restructuring suggests that Meta’s core focus seems to be centered around AR and wearables. A memo from Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, confirms that Meta has “the leading AI device on the market” and would “double down to find a strong product for wearable AI”, building a business around it and expanding into new audiences.

He also maintained that Meta’s North Star–to overlay digital content onto physical worlds, seamlessly–was still the same, but the steps to get there would “be more exciting.”

It also comes during Meta’s “year of efficiency” which has already seen over 200,000 Meta employees laid off, with rumors that a further culling of ‘lacking’ VPs is coming, too.